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Bible Classes

Our building at 2908 Bell Shoals Road has been sold but the new owners, Open Door Church, are allowing us to lease it for regular Sunday and mid-week meetings. They are using the building Wednesday evenings butl make it available to us on Thursday evenings.

These are Bible class locations, teachers, and in the case of adult classes, current topics and teachers, CLICK ON THE DIAGRAM TO OPEN A FULL SIZE COPY IN YOUR BROWSER


Classroom Diag Dec 17


0-1 yr: Quiet Room - Nursery - Cradle roll is in the South Wing of the building (In blue in the diagram)

K2: Room 2 South of the Auditorium

K3/K4: Room 3 South of the Auditorium

Kindergarten: Room 4 South of the Auditorium



Grade 1: Room 7 in the Fellowship Hall Block

Grade 2: Room 8 in the Fellowship Hall Block

Grade 3: Room 9 in the Fellowship Hall Block

Grade 4: Room 10 in the Fellowship Hall Block

Grade 5: Room 13 on the Second Floor

Grades K - 5 — P. A. G. E. S. : Room #3 in the Admin Wing

Middle/High Schoolers

Grades 6 – 8: Room 12 Second Floor

Grades 9 – 12: Room 11 Second Floor

Adults Sunday Morning 10:30

The Mind of Christ – Auditorium – Teacher: Curtis Kwasniewski

The Authentic God – Millennials' Class – Fellowship Hall – Teacher: Rex Dutton

Prospective Members' ClassLibrary - off Fellowship Hall - Teachers: Ray & Jeannie West

God's Love Bank Curriculum – New Self-Forgiveness Room 2, off Kitchen  Teacher: Lew Henson

First Principles – A Class For New Members – Temporarily meeting with the Millennials' Class in the Fellowship Hall till further notice (from April 2018)  – Teacher: Todd Mikula

The College Life – Room 12 Second Floor - Teachers: Cordale Alexander & James Jordan

Adults Thursday Evening 7:00

Deliverance – A Study of Exodus – Auditorium - Teacher: Mike Howard

That You May Believe – The Gospel of John – Rm #3 Admin Wing – Teacher: Jack Birckholtz

Thursday Ladies' Bible Class 10 A.M. at 3739 lithia pinecrest road - valrico

The Class meets at Williams Barn 3739 Lithia Pinecrest Road, Valrico – Thursdays at 10 a.m.  – Look for the entrance you see in this photograph.

Williams Barn entrance

Entrance to Williams Barn on Lithia Pinecrest Road, Valrico