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Martha, Martha, enjoy your guest

December 23 2017
December 23 2017


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Remember the story of Mary and Martha? That story beats me up because I identify with Martha. And you? I easily put myself in her shoes—we have guests, food must be prepared, beds made, floors swept. I have invited friends and family over and it is Christmas time. So many errands to run. Concerns that everything should be just perfect.

The other day, I decided to consider myself in Mary’s shoes. Martha has invited a favorite family Friend and I love Him so much. We talk about His travels and amazing things He has seen and I do not want to leave His side. We laugh and chat like long-lost friends, hungry to catch up. I wish Martha would quit clanking around in the kitchen. I know she is frustrated that I am not helping, but the stuff my Guest is teaching me is fascinating and I cannot wait to hear more. Oh no, here she comes to complain. I am embarrassed in front of our Guest. But, guess what? Our Guest sticks up for me! He tells Martha she should not be so worried and frustrated and He tells her I have chosen a better thing—to be with Him and sit, listen and learn. I can imagine our Guest takes the drying cloth out of Martha’s hands and says as He hands me an apron, “Come on Mary, let’s go help Martha so we can all chat while we work!”

During this season, there’s so much hubbub to distract a hostess. Meal preparations, making beds, folding towels, mopping floors, loading the dishwasher, dusting and cleaning house … getting ready to accept guests. She is often too tired to enjoy her guests, especially impromptu ones.

This season, choose to be a Mary. No worries about “many things.” Catch up on your guests’ news. Laugh and play. Jesus says it is a better choice. Just be Mary.


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